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Captain John Quilliam RN – Manx Hero, Favourite of Fortune First Day Cover

All six stamps are presented on the front of this deluxe envelope, cancelled with a unique anchor postmark paying tribute to Captain John Quilliam's career at sea.


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Product Code: ZK91

Product Description
  • Each of the six stamps presented on this limited edition cover, chart the life of  this much celebrated Manx hero, who was Admiral Nelson’s First Lieutenant, on HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. 

    Inside the envelope you will find an information card featuring insightful issue text written by Frank Cowin who is the co-author of a new book detailing Captain John Quilliam's extraordinary life and career, also titled 'Captain John Quilliam RN – Manx Hero, Favourite of Fortune'. 

    Stamps and their values

    • Christened in St Runius & Buried in Arbory - 1st Class Value
    • John Quilliam the Royal Navy & the Ambassador in China - EU Value
    • John Quilliam in the Battle of Camperdown - Large Letter Value 
    • HMS Ethalion takes Thetis & Quilliam is a Rich Man - Rest of the World Value
    • Victory at Trafalgar - USA Value (Featuring a depiction of the stain glass window at Arbory Church which was also designed by Colleen Corlett)
    • John Quilliam MHK & Balcony House Castletown - EU Large Letter Value

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