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Centenary of the 37¾ miles Isle of Man TT Course Set and Sheet Set

This eight stamp collection celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 37¾ mile Isle of Man TT Course. Providing a then and now look at the Course, each stamp illustrates the vantage points where fans have gathered in their thousands to witness best in class road racing.

Product Description
  • This set of eight stamps focuses on four iconic corners of the course; Cronk-Ny-Mona, Signpost Corner, Governors Bridge and The Grandstand. The archival imagery of TT races from the 1920’s has been paired with images taken from recent races and fans will note the vast changes in spectator regulations, road markings and advancements in engineering; making this a fascinating collection. 

    Stamp 1 and Stamp 2 – Cronk-Ny-Mona

    Featuring Cronk-Ny-Mona, this stamp portrays the evolution in the engineering of the machines as well as the protective clothing worn, in particularly the helmets and the development of safety measures throughout the history of the races.

    Stamp 3 and Stamp 4 – Signpost Corner

    Highlighting Signpost Corner, both stamps display the progression of the course layout during the past 100 years. The modern stamp pictures the now notorious roundabout, not originally included in the 1920 race. Historically, this part of the course was where pit crews would be notified of the rider’s imminent arrival, hence the name Signpost. However, as machines have become quicker, the crews require further notice of the rider’s progression in order to be prepared. Despite this, the name Signpost Corner remains.

    Stamp 5 and Stamp 6 – Governors Bridge

    Focusing on Governors Bridge; named as a result of its close proximity to the Lieutenant Governor of Mann’s residence, it is one of the final corners of the course. This stamp highlights the small yet important changes to the course, with the modern stamp displaying the pavement upon what was previously the apex of the corner.

    Stamp 7 and Stamp 8 – Grandstand

    Representing the final section of the course and the start/finish line for competitors. This iconic road has hosted many unforgettable and famous victories, providing competitors the opportunity to celebrate a podium finish, as can be seen in our modern stamp featuring a sidecar. The blackboards used for timing each rider are seen in the background of our 1920 stamp, a tradition upheld to this day, with local scouts still operating the scoring system.

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