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D-Day 75 Manxman Hector Duff Signed Cover

A limited edition signed special cover by D-Day veteran Hector Hugh McDonald Duff MM BEM. Limited to only 500 this cover includes four stamps, cancelled with first day of issue - 6th June 2019.


£20.00 inc. VAT


Product Code: XD94

Product Description
  • To honour all Manxmen and women who served their country, we are proud to issue this limited edition special envelope signed by D-Day veteran Hector Hugh McDonald Duff MM BEM, one of the many from the Isle of Man who was involved in D-Day. The envelope features four stamps, two from the D-Day 75 collection and two from our 2014 Manxman's Journey issue, and contains a filler card with evocative text written by Hector Duff.

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