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Eminent Victorian Engineers Set and Sheet Set

A set of six stamps to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of HM Queen Victoria.

Product Description
  • To mark the occasion of the 200th anniversary of HM Queen Victoria, we are pleased to present this stamp issue which celebrates the great works and inventions of six eminent Victorian engineers who influenced food manufacture, clothing, naval gunnery, modern machinery, oil shipments and engine fuel injection in original and unique ways now almost forgotten. It is a celebration of what the Isle of Man does well - providing opportunities to develop great people who go on to provide great service to mankind. Each of these great engineers was either born in the Isle of Man or created their ideas whilst living and working here.

    William Kennish: Invented the "marine theodolite", which when combined with his gun breast-plate and quoin, allowed the fire of a warship to be concentrated to a point. The 'gun commander' operating this would line up the ship to the target, pull ropes ringing bells on each gun deck causing all the guns to be fired. It was the first example of a centralised gun command system, now fitted to every modern warship afloat today.

    John Jonathan Kermode: Developed fuel injection nozzles which operated by steam or hot air pressure. This forced a spray of fuel oil droplets into the igniters of large marine steam boilers, allowing steam to be generated very quickly.

    John Callow:  Invented the 'straight dough' process which took hours off the rising time for dough used beforehand and then went on to develop dough cutting machinery which allowed bread production rates to soar. This had the benefit of reducing the cost of bread – a key staple food to the poor of Liverpool.

    Benjamin Alfred Dobson: Developed and ran a very successful textile machinery business called Dobson and Barlow. His inventive improvements were very successful and his machinery was sent worldwide.

    Thomas Cummings Gibson: Launched the fast wooden schooner called The Jane which had integral iron tanks with his special vapour seals and it became the first true oil tanker to service American oil fields in Pennsylvania! He also launched the two greatest ships ever to sail from the Isle of Man!

    Charles Greenway: Patented the 'free floating' cage or as he called it the "cradle", for cylindrical, conical and spherical roller bearings. This differed from the original cage developed by the horologist John Harrison in his H3 Timepiece of the 1750s which relied on axles to keep the rollers separated.

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