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Triskelion 5 Pounds Coin Gift Pack

Isle of Man Stamps and Coins is thrilled to present the 2017 triskelion five pound coin in a three legs themed gift pack.


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Product Code: AH40

Product Description
  • Background

    The designs for the 2017 Decimal Coin Set meet the criteria for coins, as they are reflective of the Isle of Man. The collection of designs portrays a combination of historic landmarks, themes and traditions of the Isle of Man. The obverse depicts the approved Queen Elizabeth II effigy portrait, created by Jody Clark for the use on Crown dependencies and Commonwealth countries.

    Five Pounds - Triskelion

    Triskele symbol, used as an overarching symbol on the higest denomination. The triskelion is arguable the most known symbol of the Isle of Man, it is included in both the coat of arms and the flag of the Isle of Man.

    The coin is presented in a specially designed gift pack providing a history and information regarding the three legs of mann.

    Coin specifications

    Diameter - 32mm

    Weight - 11.7g

    Metal - Alpaca

    Rim Finish - Milled Edge


    These coins are uncirculated. Coming in sealed bags of 50 from the IOM Treasury.

    They are not graded.

    For coins in bulk such as these here is what to expect: They should have no wear. Contrary to belief the coins can however be toned, contain spotting, bag marks and small scratches. The presence or absence of such marks does not affect this uncirculated status.

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