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Freemasons Customised Sheet

Exclusively commissioned by Isle of Man Stamps and Coins. To mark the Tercentenary of Grand Lodge, The Isle of Man Post Office, with the help of Royal Mail and The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) have produced a sheet of prestigious stamps bearing UK postage, for use in the UK.


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Product Code: VH68

Product Description
  • The striking sheet, designed in conjunction with Grand Lodge for the Tercentenary celebrations, is produced in a limited edition of 750 individually numbered sheets.

    The pictorial label images feature the collar jewels of the senior officers inside the Lodge and geometric Masonic patterns, with coded references to places important in masonry and the charitable works supported by Freemasons.

    These special stamps can be used for mailing within the UK, but they are also the perfect way for a Mason to show how proud he is of his craft - they are beautifully designed and can be framed as a gift for special events, Installations, Ladies Nights or as a gift for visiting Lodges.

    Each sheet is presented in a descriptive album containing a certificate of authenticity and includes a pristine set of Freemasonry 300 stamps with a detailed explanation of the many visible and hidden design elements contained within a stamp area of no more than 40mm square, a truly impressive Tercentenary 300 commemorative piece.

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