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Greetings in Manx Set and Sheet Set

A charming, joyful set of six stamps telling a story in pictures of a day in the life of two Manx mice. The set forms an introduction to basic greetings in Manx Gaelic.

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Product Description
  • The delightful illustrations created for this collection were produced by Mary Cousins, a Manx-born published illustrator and award-winning artist. Mary has created a story in pictures which is aimed to encourage the popular use of the Manx language.

    This issue sees a collaboration with Culture Vannin and coincides with the 120th anniversary of the Manx Language Society and the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019, of which Culture Vannin is a partner organisation.

    Our Stamps

    A Special Day in the Life of Manx Mice

    • 1st - Moghrey Mie (Morr-a-My) – Good Morning : An early rise on a beautiful sunny morning.

    • EU - Kys T'ou (Kis-Tow) – How Are You?:  The first to arrive at the Tynwald Fair.

    • Large - Slaynt Vie (Slent-Vy) – Cheers (or Good Health): In view of Culture Vannin HQ sampling takes place in the Manx produce tent.

    • £1:30 - Fastyr Mie (Fass-ter-My) – Good Afternoon (or Evening): Time enough for an ice cream on Port Erin beach.

    • RoW - Slane Lhiu (Slenn-L'yoo) – Goodbye (plural):  Sailing home as the sun sets.

    • £2:05 – Oie Vie (Ee-Vy) – Good Night:  The end of a perfect day.

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