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House of Keys Proof 50p Collector Pack

We are proud to present a limited edition 1750 circulating Isle of Man 50p Proof Coin.


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Product Code: AH33

Product Description
  • In 2017 the Isle of Man marks the 150th anniversary of the first popular election to the House of Keys, previously a self-elected body. Mid-19th century calls for reform were led by journalists Robert Fargher and James Brown. Following negotiations between Governor Loch and the UK authorities, reforming legislation was enacted in 1866 giving the vote to male landowners and allowing Tynwald some say over finance for the first time in a century. The franchise was extended in 1881 to women landowners and in 1919 to all adults. This coin celebrates polling at the old Court House in Athol St, Douglas, on 3rd April 1867.

    Each coin is struck on an individual hand fed "proof" press, with each blank being pre-polished prior to striking. This press is usually used to strike precious metal coins.

    These are a Limited Edition of 1,750

    Coin designed by Tynwald Library in conjunction with Isle of Man Treasury and Tower Mint Limited.
    Coin produced by Isle of Man Stamps & Coins.

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