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Islands and Bridges Roger Dean Special Exhibition Card Collection

This superb limited edition large-format deluxe card collection celebrates 'Islands and Bridges – The Art of Roger Dean' exhibition at the MNH Manx Museum in Douglas, Isle of Man and complements our stamp issue of the same name.


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Product Code: UM43

Product Description
  • The collection showcases all twenty six original paintings in the exhibition as a set of full-colour cards contained in a top quality embossed wallet. It includes a biography and details of Roger's career to date.

    Each card includes a description in Roger's own words detailing the inspiration behind each work. At over 8 x 6 inches these cards are perfect for framing. Five of our stamp images form part of the collection and include album covers by Yes and Uriah Heep in addition to our exclusive Isle of Man image 'Meeting Place,' painted specifically for the stamp collection and exhibition.

    The landmark 'Islands and Bridges' exhibition runs until November 2016, while this limited run of just 1000 of the Special Card Collection is selling very quickly.

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  • Spotted the Parrot Island painting, quite by accident, while trawling through Roger Dean paintings on Printerest. That's when I found out about the Exhibition, the stamps and Card set. I quickly tracked down your web site and made a purchase. The Card set arrived within 3 days and was very well packaged. Am very pleased with my purchase. Many thanks!

    The only down side is that I was too late to make the short hop over to the Isle of Man to see the exhibition. Will have to keep a better eye on Roger's Web Site and Facebook page! Again Many Thanks. G

    Gerald Morley

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