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Manx Electric Railway Variable Value Definitives Set

We are delighted to issue our second variable value self-adhesive stamp collection.

Product Description
  • The stamps will be supplied on a standing order basis to anyone who has a requirement for Mint or CTO self-adhesives.
    The MER 125 Variable Values will replace the Triskelions issued in 2017 . From time to time due to operational needs the Triskelions will continue to be used across our network. However the MER125 will be withdrawn from sale in line with the normal destruction policy of our commemorative issues.

    The MER 125 VVDs will be vended via our retail kiosks, post office counter network and via hand-held vending machines at one-off events such as stamp exhibitions.

    The images on these self-adhesive stamps have been selected from the full MER125 Anniversary collection which showcase images which enthusiasts felt best represented the Manx Electric Railway.

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