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Master Watchmakers of the Isle of Man Presentation Pack

This four page, glossy full colour booklet showcases three remarkable master watchmakers who are inextricably linked to the Isle of Man. Included inside is a mint condition set of all six stamps.


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Product Description
  • Dr Roger Smith OBE has provided the issue text which can be found inside this four page, glossy folder. 

    Also included is a full mint set of these intricately detailed stamps, presented on a black mount, perfectly showcasing the iconic timepieces of three remarkable master watchmakers, Roger W Smith OBE, John Harwood and George Daniels. The stamps include a luxurious gold metallic ink to echo the sense of craftsmanship and bespoke nature of the watches presented.

    Stamp 1, John Harwood:  This stamp displays John Harwood, inventor of the self-winding watch, utilising kinetic energy to produce the first self-winding wristwatch. Harwood is pictured next to his 1929 watch, ‘The Automatic’, produced this piece on the Isle of Man

    Stamp 2, George Daniels, “The Grand Complication”:  This stamp features Daniels working on ‘The Grand Complication’. Daniels is regarded as one of the best horologists in the world and a plaque was erected in recognition of his life outside his Ramsey home in 2011.

    Stamp 3, George Daniels, “Space Traveller”: Our second stamp introduces George Daniels working on a timepiece by hand, with his Space Traveller watch in the background. Acknowledged as one of Daniels’ finest works, the watch displayed sold for over £3 million in 2017. This hand built watch featured coaxial escapement, improving the performance of mechanical watches. A feature that is now found in many modern watches, such as those of Omega.

    Stamp 4, George Daniels, “The Blue”:  The Blue was released as a four piece collection by Daniels and signifies an important place in the history of his works and horological career. The stamp shares imagery of both the watch and its production, displaying Daniels’ with his apprentice, Roger W. Smith.

    Stamp 5, Roger W. Smith, “The GREAT Britain”: This stamp pictures a close up image of one of Smiths greatest creations. Named the ‘GREAT Britain II’, this watch represents the greatest single step forward for mechanical watch technology in the modern era. Smith notes that this watch features perhaps the most complex dial ever made by hand and a movement which is one-of-a-kind.

    Stamp 6, Roger W. Smith, “The GREAT Britain”: The final stamp pictures Roger W. Smith as he works meticulously on The GREAT Britain watch. Smith moved to the Isle of Man to work alongside Daniels as his apprentice, where his workshop remains today, situated in Ramsey.

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