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Mensa 75 Booklet Pane

A set of the puzzling and provoking Mensa 75 stamps is presented on this decorative pane.

Product Description
  • Our stamps (1st, EU, Large Letter, Rest of World, USA and £2.81) feature brainteasing puzzles supplied by Mensa printed in luxurious gold metallic ink. Our stamps also contain many codes, layers of information, a cypher and references to places that are important to the organisation. In a global first, we have added what3words references to important Mensa places and locations on the Isle of Man.

    The panes are available in mint condition or CTO.

    Also available in the collection are:

    • Mensa 75 First Day Cover
    • Mensa 75 Presentation Pack
    • Mensa 75 Prestige Booklet (Mint & CTO)
    • Mensa 75 Set & Sheet Set

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