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Mensa 75 First Day Cover

This set of elegant stamps, accented with gold metallic ink, are wonderfully displayed on this deluxe envelope and cancelled with a unique postmark dated for the 75th anniversary of the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world


£9.97 inc. VAT


Product Code: ZJ91

Product Description
  • Our stamps (1st, EU, Large Letter, Rest of World, USA and £2.81) each featuring brainteasing puzzles supplied by Mensa, printed in gold metallic ink are wonderfully complemented by the vivid blue envelope on which they are displayed. This item is completed by a filler card which provides the solutions for the puzzles along with insightful text about Mensa, their history and ethos. 

    Also available in the collection is:

    • Mensa 75 Set and Sheet Set
    • Mensa 75 Presentation Pack
    • Mensa 75 Prestige Booklet (Mint & CTO)
    • Mensa 75 Booklet Pane (Mint & CTO)

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