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Mensa 75 Imperforate Printers Pane

For the true collector of philatelic items, we have allowed the release of a strictly limited number of these very special uncut sheets of stamps. We are releasing just 75 copies to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of Mensa.


£75.00 inc. VAT


Product Code: ZJ43

Product Description
  • The sheet is exactly what rolls off the printer's press, with the colour bars and grip left in place. Unsurprisingly, these sheets are very rarely, if ever, released to or even seen by the public.

    Featured on the pane are four sets of the Mensa 75 stamps in the formats as they appear in the prestige booklets.The stamps (1st, EU, Large Letter, Rest of World, USA and £2.81) are based on puzzles, the kind of brain-teasers that Mensa is known for, can you solve them all? Our stamps also contain many codes, layers of information, a cypher and references to places that are important to the organisation. In a global first, we have added what3words references to important Mensa places and locations on the Isle of Man.

    Each of the sheets is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The sheet measures 70cm x 50cm. 

    Limited Edition

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