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Mensa 75 Set and Sheet Set

An elegant set of six stamps; each one featuring brainteasing puzzles supplied by Mensa printed in luxurious gold metallic ink.

Product Description
  • Our stamps (1st, EU, Large Letter, Rest of World, USA and £2.81) are based on puzzles, the kind of brain-teasers that Mensa is known for, can you solve them all? Our stamps also contain many codes, layers of information, a cypher and references to places that are important to the organisation. In a global first, we have added what3words references to important Mensa places and locations on the Isle of Man.

    These stamps are designed to reflect Mensa's ethos to create a society that is non-political and free from all racial or religious distinctions;  the only qualification for membership is a high IQ. 

    We hope you enjoy solving the codes and visiting the locations in our stamps. To find the solutions, click here.

    Also available in the collection is:

    • Mensa 75 First Day Cover
    • Mensa 75 Presentation Pack
    • Mensa 75 Prestige Booklet (Mint & CTO)
    • Mensa 75 Booklet Pane (Mint & CTO)

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