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O Land of Our Birth Set and Sheet Set

The images featured in this collection have been selected from entries of an open photographic competition where we called upon the public to submit their favourite images of our Island. Comprising of entries from across the world, the result is a beautiful twelve stamp issue that perfectly showcases our Island's beauty and character.

Product Description
  • Isle of Man Post Office, in collaboration with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Biosphere IOM, is pleased to present twelve winning photographs selected from a recent competition titled ‘O Land of Our Birth’. The final choice of images reference the words of our national anthem which have stood us in good stead during the past few months and will continue to do so long into the future.

    All twelve stamps hold a first class value, with the winning photographs framed to take centre stage in the design. The images reflect what our Island means to each of our winners personally. 

    Port St Mary captured by John Jones “My picture captures the relaxed pace of life in this once busy commercial port now focused on leisure activities. It retains its traditional charm and reminds us of what can be achieved in a changing world.” 

    Peel captured by Terence Meadmore “A glorious sunny day in Peel, showing the crystal clear waters of Fenella beach. Taken on our first family holiday, returning to not only our honeymoon island, but the land of my birth.” 

    Peel captured by Sarah Elliot “Long walks on the beach, fish and chips, a street so pretty I couldn’t resist, grabbing my camera, salty air damp, to capture this moment, now printed on a stamp” 

    The Sound captured by Liz Lillis-Ingram “The Sound sunset overlooked by Thousla Cross as the fishing boat hits the sunset’s reflection. Sat there I think how lucky I am to live on such a beautiful island...” Liz Lillis-Ingram

    The Calf of Mann captured by Colin Gill “Loaghtan sheep on the Calf of Man in July 2019. Startled by our approach, they were momentarily posed on a rocky outcrop against the skyline before vanishing into the bracken and heather.” 

    Peel captured by Sue Furner “Peel Marina in the sunshine, with its colourful fishing boats and historic castle. I wander around Peel, enjoying the atmosphere and greeting locals I know in this small community, taking my camera whatever the weather.” 

    Ballaglass Glen captured by Marionette Espinosa “Took a stop in an enchanting place and went home calm and at peace. A beautiful and serene destination where you can live like in a fairy tale.” 

    Tholt-Y-Will captured by William Hale “A vantage point from conquering Snaefell. An image of a split second to appreciate all we have at our touch on the Isle of Man on a beautiful summer’s afternoon.” 

    Cregneash captured by Tim Norton “I think that this photo, taken in Cregneash, captures the essence of Manx farming from yesteryear, with “ye sons of the soil, in hardship and toil, that plough both the land and the sea”. 

    Douglas captured by Hilary Denison “Taken while visiting the Isle of Man for the Manx Grand Prix in 2017, I felt this spectacular sculpture evoked the Viking heritage of the Island against a stunning blue Manx sky.” 

    Douglas captured by Craig Harriman “I took the photo of the Ben one early morning before I started work, it was very calm that morning and the vessel glided in the bay without disturbing all the little boats. I ended up being late for work but it was really worth it.” 

    Glen Maye captured by Gareth Caley “I’ve been a regular visitor since childhood and Glen Maye is one of my favourite glens with this lovely beach at the bottom. Taken on a quick walk before catching the ferry home” 

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