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Royal British Legion 100 Presentation Pack

A full set of eight stamps celebrating the centenary of the Royal British Legion can be found protected within this informative glossy four page folder.


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Product Code: ZF41

Product Description
  • The focus of the stamps found within this four page glossy folder is the people who have made the Royal British Legion what it is, including volunteers, carers, members and beneficiaries.   Each stamp is complete with hidden layers including micro text visible under a magnifying glass, bearing the names of people important to the RBL, the Isle of Man and this issue as well as two lines per stamp of the poem “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae. There is one more secret that awaits; under UV light, a red poppy is revealed, printed in a special fluorescing ink.

    The stamps are elegantly presented on a black mount, and complemented with insightful issue text describing the RBL's 100 year history. 

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