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Royal British Legion 100 Set and Sheet Set

Each of these eight intricately detailed stamps features micro text, including two lines per stamp of the poem “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae. Also secretly featured under UV light, is a red poppy, printed in a special fluorescing ink, making these stamps the perfect tribute to the Royal British Legion as they mark their centenary year.

Product Description
  • Covering topics that have been selected alongside the Royal British Legion in order to best represent their great and varied work, these stamps are embedded wtith a number of secret features, only visible with the use of a UV light.

    The stamps follow the official Royal British Legion 100 Years campaign, featuring logos and the identifiable red and blue colour scheme. 

    Fundraising: An important area in order for the Legion to continue their work. The imagery depicts a service-person with the Poppy Appeal box – one of their fundraising initiatives in which people are encouraged to leave a donation in exchange for a remembrance Poppy.

    Remembrance: An important part of the Legions work is remembering all who have served past and present. The imagery features The Cenotaph, dedicated to The Glorious Dead lost at War.

    Community: Community is an important area of all personnel’s lives. The Legion assists in re-integrating those who have served back into civilian life by offering breaks and social opportunities. These breaks are also offered to those in service, who are often away for long periods of time.

    Campaigning: In recent years the Legion has increased funding to help communities understand and celebrate the fight for recognition of Commonwealth soldiers, helping bring diverse stories into the public domain.

    Support: The Legion supports all armed forces members and their families. Categories of support include; care and independent living, physical and mental wellbeing, financial and employment support, local community connections, expert guidance and Veterans getaways.

    Volunteering: A vital area of the Legion’s century long success has been its volunteers, who we acknowledge and thank through this stamp. The Legion has thousands of volunteers who help in tasks ranging from the annual Poppy Appeal to the day-to-day operations across the country. Without the tireless support of volunteers, the Legion would struggle to make such an important impact on so many lives, especially on the Isle of Man.

    Care: Care is a core theme and at the heart of the Legions work, with their support starting after one day of service and continuing for a lifetime. From providing dedicated care homes for older veterans, to support for carers – the legion provides vital care services.

    Membership: The Legion has approximately 225,000 members within the United Kingdom, making it one of the leading Armed Forces charities and one of the country's largest membership organisations. The support from its members enables the Legion to continue its operations.

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