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St Patrick & The Snake Crown in a box

This Isle of Man Treasury Crown features a striking image of St Patrick, credited with bringing Christianity to the Island, casting out serpents as the legend recounts. This distinctive cupro-nickel coin comes in a hard-shelled collector’s box.


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Product Code: AG66

Product Description
  • The legend tells us St Patrick drove snakes out of the Isle of Man when he brought Christianity to the Island's shores.

    This exclusive Isle of Man Treasury Crown depicts that famous story on a stunning cupro-nickel coin, which is despatched in a hard-shelled collector's box, and comes with free worldwide delivery.

    The obverse carries the traditional fine effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, Lord of Mann, by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS.

    It is an essential collectable and a wonderful gift idea.

    According to legend, St Patrick first set foot on the Isle of Man at the Peel islet which now bears his name. The remains of the earliest church he built on this site can still be seen among the ruins of Peel Castle.

    It is said that St Patrick was returning from Liverpool to Ireland in AD444 with a band of 30 followers and landed in the Isle of Eubonia (Isle of Man) 'where he found people, at least the rulers, given to magic. But being overcome or convinced by his preaching and miracles, they were converted or else expelled from the Island' (Sacheverell's Survey of the Isle of Man, 1702).

    St Patrick apparently stayed for three years, converting the people and blessing the Isle of Man 'from end to end', freeing it from toads, snakes and 'venomous beasts, visible devils and a multitude of magicians'.

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