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The Eagle Has Landed Commemorative Cover

A lavish limited edition collectible of only 1000, this golden anniversary special cover features a gold foil overprint of the Apollo 11 mission badge and two postmarks marking the 50th anniversary of the Moon-landing and Moon-walk.

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Product Code: XE96

Product Description
  • A limited edition collectible of just 1000 items with two gold foil postmarks to mark the 50th Anniversary of the day those immortal words were spoken from the lunar module as it touched down on the surface of the Moon. So much continues to be spoken about the historic events of 21st July 1969 but the achievements and emotions of that moment in time can never be underestimated.

    This highly prized celebration of the event contains a personal account of events from Mission Control Direct George Abbey and with the passing of time the ability to include GPS references on the stamps for each of the locations makes it a one off.

    "One Small Step" it may have been but the ensuing 50 years have not lessened Mankind's desire to reach out into the Universe. This limited edition is a celebration of all those people who continued the Apollo programme through to Apollo 17.

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