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The Film Adaptations of Hall Caine Sets and Sheet Sets

A set of six show-stopping stamps inspired by the Edwardian tales of one of the Isle of Man's most illustrious and colourful characters. Available in Mint and CTO.

Product Description
  • Isle of Man Post Office is pleased to present six silent cinema show-stopping stamps inspired by the popular Edwardian tales of one of the Isle of Man's most illustrious and colourful characters, Hall Caine.

    Ninety years after The Jazz Singer premiered to audiences in their thousands, we champion a select band of actors who have links back to the Island via the author Sir Thomas Hall Caine (1853- 1931). At a time when cinema celebrates one of the most monumental milestones to have affected the industry – the arrival of sound, better known as the 'talkies' - we pay tribute to some of the stars who brought Caine's characters to life.

    During the end of the Edwardian era, Sir Thomas Hall Caine (1853-1931) became one of the Island's most famous residents after a string of his popular novels were adapted for the screen, with over half of these initially to be filmed on the Isle of Man (though Hollywood had different ideas). A few of his better-known novels were adapted to become some of the most important films in early cinema history, including The Eternal City (1915 & 1923), The Christian (1923), The Bondman (1929) and perhaps his most famous, The Manxman (1929), which was one of the most eagerly anticipated film openings on the Isle of Man.

    Each of the stamps features a star out of his cast of characters.

    1st - Pola Negri (1894-1987). The undisputed silent screen vamp made a monumental impact in Barbed Wire (1927).

    1st  - Anny Ondra (1903-1987). Alfred Hitchcock cast golden-haired Ondra as the heroine, pregnant by one man but married to another in The Manxman (1929).

    EU - Conrad Nagel (1897-1970). Nagel was dubbed 'The Prince Consort' during the 1920s following a series of successful leading roles.

    98p - Barbara La Marr (1896-1926). Dark and exotic with extraordinary beauty and high IQ led La Marr to iconic film star status with a legion of fans.

    RoW - Richard Dix (1894-1949). Initially a stage star, Samuel Goldwyn plucked Dix for screen stardom as the statuesque male lead in Not Guilty (1921).

    £1.50 - Norman Kerry (1894-1956). His handsome dark look made him an early matinee idol, starring opposite major stars of the day.

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