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Year of the Nurse and Midwife Presentation Pack

The stamps contained within this four page glossy folder are intended to recognise the invaluable role that medical professionals maintain within a community; especially within the Isle of Man.


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Product Description
  • Each of the eight stamps presented have been selected to represent the eight main sectors of nursing on the Isle of Man and to acknowledge the incredible job these healthcare professionals do within our community. 

    Also displayed on the stamps is Florence Nightingale; figurehead of the W.H.O campaign, accompanied by three influential Manx nurses; Nelly Brennan, Esther Jane Bridson and Sarah Forester. Through the inclusion of their image we honour four pioneers of healthcare, both on Island and in the wider world.

    Inside you will find interesting issue text written by Amanda Phillips, Care, Quality and Safety Officer, DHSC who has described each of the eight disciplines and how instrumental Nelly Brennan, Esther Jane Bridson and Sarah Forester,were in the evolution of nursing on the Island. 

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