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Isle of Man Post Office Celebrates the Chinese New Year

Isle of Man Post Office is happy to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rat with this vibrant set of four stamps by Manx artist Stedhead. These lively and playful images truly capture the physical agility and intelligence of this often maligned creature which is so successfully ubiquitous worldwide. While the rat has many positive attributes in Chinese culture it is an object of superstition on the Isle of Man where to use the very word ‘rat’ is felt to bring bad luck and the name ‘long-tail’ is preferred!

Manx born artist Megan Hindley AKA Stedhead created four lively and playful images that truly capture the physical agility and intelligence of these creatures. She said: "A year of the r-a-t for me in many ways: from tattoos to a cider label for the Islands Foraging Vintners (the big circular fella featured in the presentation pack) ...and now stamps - it is a genuine honour to be asked to produce the images for this stamp collection. It’s a delight to know that my artwork will travel the world from my home Island."

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