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Isle of Man Post Office is pleased to present this landmark set of six stamps marking significant career highlights in the long and illustrious life of world-renowned Isle of Man author Nigel Kneale (1922-2006).

Some comments which have been made about the stamps:

Jane Asher with The Stone Tape Stamp Board

Jane Asher, actor who appeared in The Quatermass Xperiment and The Stone Tape, said: "I met Nigel while starring in The Stone Tape in 1972 and found him as charming, clever and perceptive as I’d imagined. As the daughter of an endocrinologist, brought up surrounded by scientific and medical books and enjoying discussions on those themes around the dining table, I appreciated – and still do – the way Nigel in his writing combined scientific principles with fantasy and made us all consider anew what we know of the physical world. I’m sure he would be thrilled to have his achievements reflected in this fantastic set of stamps."

Tacy and Matthew Kneale, Kneale’s children, said: "These stamps are quite beautiful and really celebrate our father’s life, career and Manx heritage - he would have been very proud to see them. We are also pleased that our father’s legacy continues to live on with Manx Museum Kneale Archives, which continues to make his work accessible to all".

Caitlin Shannon, daughter of Sex Olympics actor Vickery Turner, said: "My mum Vickery would be surprised and pleased to think that she now appears on a stamp to celebrate what was such a controversial but prescient play at the time."

Andy Murray with the Beasts Stampboard

Andy Murray, Nigel Kneale biographer, said: “You don't have to dig very deep into modern sci-fi / horror to detect the influence of Nigel Kneale, and you don't need to dig too far into Kneale's writing to detect the influence of his Manx upbringing. He's a hugely important figure whose work continues to beguile and impress new audiences. It's wonderful to see Kneale and his work being celebrated on the Isle of Man in this way. It's a handsome set and speaking as a UK resident I'm envious - I'd love to have Kneale stamps on my postcards and parcels! “ 

Chris Sheard of the Manx Language Society, said: "I’ve been looking at the Tomato Cain English-Manx book again and see that it contains only the short stories that are set on the Island. Comparing it with files I’ve recently copied from Brian’s (Translator of Tomato Cain Manx version) computer it’s clear that Brian translated quite a few other short stories which don’t relate to the IOM – Enderby, Minuke, God and Daphne, The Pond, Clog Dance for the Dead, Farce, Lotus for Jamie, Jeremy in the Wind and The Calculation of N’Bambwe. I haven’t come across the story Billy Halloran, though.

I see that the centenary of Nigel Kneale’s birth falls on the 28th April. A good opportunity for YCG to publish these additional stories translated by Brian Stowell, I think, but probably just on our website rather than in book form."


Neil Snowdon, acclaimed writer, editor, film programmer, publisher, and author of 'We are the Martians: The legacy of Nigel Kneale', said: "I'm thrilled to see Nigel celebrated like this! His work has been profoundly influential and he is rightly revered by those who know his work as one of the finest screenwriters who ever lived. He was an extraordinary writer, possessed of an extraordinary mind, and an inspiration to legions of writers and artists who came after him. This is the kind of royalty I want on my stamps!"


Kim Newman, an English journalist, film critic, fiction writer, and author of 'Quatermass and the Pit', said: "‘A welcome issue, commemorating one of my personal heroes – the writer and visionary Nigel Kneale."


Simon Bryant, son of The Stone Tape actor Michael Bryant CBE, said: "I am sure that my Father would be tickled pink to find himself on a stamp. He was an ardent letter writer and always encouraged us as children to send hands written letters. I am sure he would be very pleased to think that by contributing to these stamps he was helping to keep this declining art alive"

The portrait on the right depicts Michael in his final performance as Firs at the National Theatre's Cherry Orchard (2000-2001).


John Llewellyn Probert, award-winning author, said: "What a splendid way to recognise one of the most innovative writers the world has ever known!"

Wendy Thirkettle, Manx National Heritage Archivist with The Taming of the Shrew Stampboard

RA Page, CEO and Founder of Comma Press, publisher of newest edition of the 1949 award winning Kneale book Tomato Cain and Other Stories with the Tomato Cain Stamp board


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