Isle of Man Post Office Issues Year Collections to Celebrate a Year in Stamps

The Isle of Man Post Office will issue their annual limited edition collections year 2019 on 30th November. The collection is available in three different formats: the 2019 Yearbook, the Year Collection and the Year Set.


The Yearbook is a beautifully presented 72 page hardback book in which you will find every mint condition stamp issued by the IOMPO in 2019. It is limited to only 500 copies and features extra imagery and the story behind the issues told by the team involved in the design and creation of every stamp issue to give an in depth insight to the creation of the stamps. Also featured is special note from CEO Simon Kneen and Stamps & Coins General Manager Maxine Cannon.


In addition to the Yearbook the Year Collection displays every Presentation Pack issued in 2019, beautifully combined within a complimentary ring binder, catering especially for Presentation Pack collectors. 


The Year Set offers a hassle free collecting experience, providing each mint set issued in 2019 as well as an informative folder providing some details behind each issue.


All three annual collector’s products revolve around the 14 wonderful stamp collections that nurture our Island’s diverse and rich heritage and culture. Among the collections included:


-       Local wildlife captured by beautifully by photographer Brian Liggins on the “Isle of Man Wildlife” collection.

-       The 50th anniversary of the Moon landing with impressive images of the Apollo missions making that ‘One Small Step’ possible.

-       A very special “stamp in stamp” collection celebrating the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

-       ‘Greetings in Manx’ with beautiful illustrations by artist Mary Cousins to encourage the use of Manx Gaelic during the ‘International Year of Indigenous Languages’.   

-       Celebrating what would have been the 200th Birthday of Herman Melville, author of ‘Moby Dick’, with six beautiful stamps designed by local artist Juan Moore.

-       The 2019 Christmas Stamps focusing on ‘Christmas Cards – The Spirit of Christmas’ and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Greeting Card Association.


These are just a few selected issues that are part of the Year Collections 2019.


Isle of Man Stamps & Coins General Manager, Maxine Cannon said, “We see ourselves as ambassadors of our beautiful Island with it’s diverse nature and wildlife, with it’s unique culture and heritage and with it’s charm that makes it such a lovable and liveable place for not only us Islanders but an array of Isle of Man enthusiasts around the world. These wonderful and highly collectables present a year of beautiful and diverse stamps and are the perfect present for stamp collectors and Isle of Man fans alike.”

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