Celebrating 100 Years of the Manx Grand Prix

A century of rich and exhilarating Manx Motor Racing history on the world-famous 37¾ mile Isle of Man Mountain Course, in collaboration with author David Wright and local graphic designer and illustrator Tracey Dean.

From left to right: Len Randles (1923), Albert Moule (1937), Ron Langston (1955), Chas Mortimer (1968), John Knowles (1976), Dave Roper (1990), Carolynn Sells (2009) and Nathan Harrison (2019)

Pictured above (from left to right): Tracey Dean, John McBride (Chairman of Manx Motorcycle Club [MMCC]), Ned Bowers (MMCC Financial Director and former MGP Competitor & Travelling Marshal), Dean Harrison (Former MGP Competitor & Travelling Marshal and Nathan Harrison's father), Nathan Harrison, Phil Taubman (MMCC Director and former Clerk of the Course), Maxine Cannon and Carolynn Sells.


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