HD Direct Mail: A screen too far?

A new concept has recently come to our attention that has the potential to change the world of Direct Mail forever, maybe. We have seen a number of companies using Direct Mail collateral with HD video built in. It sounds too crazy to be true, but it really is happening.

These mailers, which have thus far only been adopted by super-exclusive brands such as Bentley and Mercedes-Benz, feature a single-use screen integrated within the printed mailer. This is activated when the document is opened and it can be used to feature a promotional film or commercial. It will play as many time as you like, battery life-permitting, and it then becomes defunct.

As a team, we are both intrigued and a little bit horrified by this development. As a marketing technology, it's really awesome, but in an age of recycling and environment responsibility, it all seems a bit wasteful. The truth is that, for now at least, this innovation is going to remain very niche and highly targeted, going out to select customers of high-end brands, but it does offer us a taste of what the future might hold.

For iGaming businesses, there is a clear opportunity here to target high-spending VIP's. This could be a great tool to promote new brands, games or offers and actually show them to the customers when they open the mailer, rather than requiring them to go online to discover more. With gaming sites becoming more and more visual in their design and function, it's also a useful tool for conveying the look and feel of the site and your brand.

This is only the beginning of truly interactive Direct Mail and, as the technology develops and becomes cheaper, these innovations will become more extreme. Internet-connected touchscreens, which allow you to sign up or play direct from the mailer, are already being talked about, and we may even get to the stage where the mailer is the screen, rather than a screen integrated within the printed element.

So should you consider video direct mail? Well, for now it's going to be limited to high-end customers as the unit cost is high, but it's still an emerging technology. Personalisation was once a new innovation, but now it's the rule, and this may be no different.

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