In an online world, Direct Mail still has its place

The debate about what types of marketing work best for egaming companies is one that's never going to end. We like to think that all parts of the marketing mix have their place, either standalone or as part of an integrated campaign. One argument we definitely think has been won is the question of whether Direct Mail has a future. It's been a hot topic for as long as we can remember, but so far as Secure Direct Mail and our clients are concerned, the answer is a definite 'Yes'. Taking a look at our latest marketing and advertising campaign 'The Secret' which introduces the concept of egaming businesses using Secure Direct Mail for DM campaigns to great effect but these successes remaining a secret from the competition as they wouldn't want anyone else to know about this powerful medium which offers an excellent Return on Investment. The figures speak volumes - 91% of people open a direct mail, 92% of those are driven to go online, then combined with email or TV the response and ROI can be improved by up to 40%!

Let me tell you why we think that Direct Mail is here to stay – and it's not just because we have a financial stake in the argument. First of all, it is still proven to be the most effective form of marketing in the over-50s demographic, a major market for online bingo and lottery operators, a growing sector for casinos and a source of huge untapped potential for bookmakers. What's even better is that the target market for Direct Mail is not ageing; it's actually getting younger as the latest technology is integrated into campaigns, giving recipients the ability to respond instantly in new and innovative ways.

The technology I mentioned above is the second reason. One of the great advantages of Direct Mail is that it puts something tangible in your hand, but the historical downside was the fact that response options were limited to a postal reply or the telephone. Computers were one potential option, but the advent of handheld devices has made it simpler than ever for the end user to interact almost instantly, using a SMS text or QR code to reach the desired online location. With the right messages and incentive, the customer can go from picking up their post to looking at a screen in a matter of seconds. This development alone has helped Direct Mail to remain relevant in a technological world.

Finally, it is the decline of Direct Mail that has made it more attractive for many companies. Yes, you did read that right, and the reason is simple – The decline in volumes of Direct Mail means that customers feel less bombarded than they did five years ago and they are therefore more likely to pay attention to the items they do receive. This was the reason cited by Next for its recent return to the Direct Mail marketplace after an absence of seven years. In simple terms, the positive perception of Direct Mail is rising year-on-year in almost direct correlation to the decline in volumes.

So Direct Mail does still work, but only if you get it right. People respond best to a personalised approach, conveying the impression that you've thought about them when you set up the campaign, rather than just sending out a blanket promotion. People also want a quick and convenient way to respond. The good news is that, thanks to the latest printing techniques you can achieve bespoke solutions quickly and cost-effectively. What's more, we are part of Isle of Man Post Office so when using us we can ensure your campaign hits your client's doorstep on the day you need it to - wherever they are based!

We've been delivering DM campaigns to the egaming industry for a number of years now and over this time we've built up a strong level of knowledge and expertise in this sector.

To find out more about DM and how we can help boost your business contact Paul Cowell on +44 (0)1624 698404.

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