Dog Awareness Week

Dog Awareness Week

Dog Awareness Week runs from 10th July 2023. The week aims to raise awareness of the issue of dog attacks on postmen and women. We encourage our staff to be sharp, alert and safe to avoid any confrontation with a protective and hairy four-legged security guard, but we would also like to encourage responsible dog ownership including tips for dog owners.

The week commencing 10th July 2023 marks Isle of Man Post Office's Dog Awareness Week, following an initiative ran by Royal Mail and supported by CWU (Communication Workers Union). 

In 2022/23, Royal Mail reports that around 32 postmen and women are attacked each week across the UK, some leading to a permanent and disabling injury. 1,700 dog attacks have taken place on postmen and women across the UK in 2021/22, with 450 of those being dog bites through letterboxes. Despite dog awareness campaigns, it still remains unacceptably high and in some postcode areas, attacks are increasing significantly. In previous years, majority of attacks on postal workers happened at the front door or in the garden and Royal Mail are appealing to all dog owners to think TWICE when the postman calls.

Here on the Isle of Man the scale of reported incidents against our postal workers has reduced in the last year. This is thanks to both the public's efforts and previous years' campaigns. All reported accidents/incidents are fully investigated by line management. Employees are advised that if they don't feel they can deliver mail safely to a property, they must not put themselves at risk, and should therefore return the mail to the sorting office and Management will contact the occupiers/property owners.

Even the most loveable dog can be a danger to postal staff. Dogs are territorial by nature and if they feel they need to protect their family, they can become unpredictable. To keep the number of incidents as low as possible we would like to draw your attention to these useful tips for dog owners:

Top tips for dog owners

Here are some ideas to help your postman deliver your post in safety:

Together we can make sure that our Island is a safe place for posties and dogs.


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