Case Study Scanning

Independent corporate, fiduciary and fund administrator in need of a reputable scanning partner.

Our client required a document management procedure complying with their digital strategy, audit requirements and in accordance with GDPR.

Our client is a leading independent corporate, fiduciary and fund administrator, operating worldwide. To meet with their digital strategy, audit requirements and GDPR it was imperative that data, live as well as archive files, was digitalised in a reliable, cost effective and secure manner that ensured data protection as well as accessibility. Requirements for the scanning of live data included a time-sensitive management programme to guarantee that data was accessible immediately and the process would not interrupt the daily workflow. 


IOMPO proved to be the ideal partner by providing a bespoke service for our client's needs:
• Scanning live & archived files
• Cataloguing and indexing
• Improving data accessibility
• Complying with GDPR.
• Guaranteeing business continuity (Disaster recovery)

Being ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, compliant with PCI DSS Level 2 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and having attained the BS 10008 accreditation for scanning, we are  able to assure our clients that we meet the highest standards of security and confidentiality and are able to fulfil their legal and regulatory requirements.


Scanning their files and subsequently storing information digitally, meant that their information could be easily saved, encrypted, backed up and left a clear audit trail. All of which helped the business to be GDPR compliant. Our client's information security was improved by creating digital backups, which were less likely to get lost, damaged or stolen, now that they were trackable and stored securely. Documents saved digitally were indexed and could be traced via keywords, making it easier to manage and faster to search. Searching for digital information could also be done from various locations, using different devices. Saving valuable time meant that employees could focus on tasks that were more profitable. Digitising also meant our client could dispose of the vast majority of their paper document storage meaning less office space was required and consequently could be re-used for more productive and profitable business activities.

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