Effective Direct Mail for Gambling Companies – Week 8 (Community)

"Effective communication leads to community."

So you probably think that Direct Mail campaigns are a very individual thing, and the more personalised you can make a mailer the more effective it will be, right? Well yes, but for eGaming businesses there is also another approach you can take, and it may come as a surprise. It's the idea of utilising your online community as a direct marketing tool.

All eGaming sites have a 'community', even if it is quite literally a collection of players. Some online operators have chosen to leverage this in order to build a genuine sense of camaraderie and friendship, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and spend, but it's an opportunity that many have still to recognise.

A business noted for using this strategy to great effect is online bingo site Tombola, which has built up a hugely loyal customer based composed mainly of female players over 35. Staff are employed specifically to interact with customers while they play and get them talking to each other. This has led to long-term friendships being created and one lady was even rescued from a stroke after her online friends noticed she wasn't online at ther usual time.

So how can this be leveraged as a Direct Marketing tool? Well, people are often attracted by the concept of a community of winners. There is an argument that this applies more to certain demographics than others, lotteries and bingo especially, but the idea of a winning formula will always attract attention, which is why your existing customers could be your Direct Mail secret weapon. People relate to other people, especially when they have something positive to say.

The exact strategy that works for your business will depend upon your products and target demographics, but get the message right and community can be a great Direct Mail tool. The idea of playing and interacting with real people can be a genuine selling point, especially with round-table games such as cards and roulette. Showcase your players, especially the winners, and they could be your best advertisement.

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