Effective Direct Mail for Gambling Companies – Week 9 (Exclusivity)

"Make them feel special or watch somebody else do it."

The concept of exclusivity goes to the heart of a Direct Mail campaign. By making people think they are getting something nobody else is, or at the very least only a handful of people, you can massively enhance its desirability. It could be a limited edition game, extra discount or a hidden bonus, but most importantly it needs to be desirable and worthwhile.

We say it needs to be desirable because exclusivity implies something a little special, so offering someone an 'exclusive 10% discount' or a '5% deposit bonus' probably isn't going to generate much traction. That doesn't mean it needs to cost you a lot in outlay or revenue, for instance you can offer things like free spins, bonus plays or even loyalty points. The key is to think about what will make your players, new and existing, think they are getting something worthwhile.

One of the key benefits of modern Direct Mail technology is that it really is possible to make an offer 'exclusive' to an individual customer, based on their demographic, spending patterns and personal profile. To achieve this all you need to decide is what the emotive pull of the offer will be.

The key to success if you use this methodology in your campaign is to make the recipient feel special. Show them that the promotion on offer is available only to them and make it something that genuinely feels desirable. Also place some sort of limitation on the offer, such as a deadline or limited number of places, to add extra incentive and inspire a sense of urgency.

It's also important to make the mailer feel personal, so use words like 'You' and 'Your' as much as possible to emphasise that you are speaking to the recipient as an individual. Include their name within the text and maybe even mention a game or product they've played in the past to enhance the sense of personalisation.

Finally, don't take exclusivity so far that it limits the success of a campaign, and remember there are turnaround times when sending mailings in the post, so make sure your response deadlines are realistic.

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