Key Trends in 2016 – Let’s talk about Tech!

As we go further into 2016, I thought it would be fun to look at a few key trends relating to the sector. Technology is finding its way into all aspects of DM, with even delivery companies investing in new systems to enhance speed and efficiency, so let's examine some key innovations that can enhance ROI for our eGaming clients.

Augmented Reality

The technology-related response mechanic is nothing new. In fact, handheld devices have become an integral element of most DM campaigns, offering enhanced interactivity and instant gratification. Augmented reality is the logical next step, with the mailer including elements that can link directly to a smartphone app and bring the product and the message to life.


The days of the standard, two-sided A5 mailer may not be over, but it's now one option among millions. Enhanced printing and cutting technology now puts the design and format of the mailer in the hands of the client, free from the limitations of old-style technology. This means that DM professionals can get creative, producing mailers that will really appeal to target customers.


Copy was once the forgotten element in a successful DM campaign, but now marketers are coming to realise that it's probably the most important bit. Your mailer can look amazing, but if the copy is bad it's easy to lose your audience. It's all about quality, not quantity, and the style needs to suit the brand. This may not sound technology-related, but it's the vital importance of online copy that has led to this realisation. Get the content right and you're half way to successfully engaging the recipient.

Take Advantage

Making use of new technology is not an option, it's a necessity. If you don't take advantage of it, then you can be sure that your rivals will, which means your DM campaigns will look dull and outdated in comparison. If you want to achieve ROI for your campaign, it pays to invest in the very latest innovation you can, from database filtering to personalisation and cutting edge design. Here's a great example of a campaign that thinks outside the box.


As the role of technology in DM develops, the integration of campaigns becomes more and more important to both delivery and outcomes. The theme and content of your DM campaign should be replicated across website and advertising in order to deliver a seamless brand experience for the user. If you want all of your marketing channels to work together in 2016, integration is a factor you can't ignore.

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