Know Your Players: The Personal Touch

Direct Mail is all about data, as I'm sure you already know, and the more digging you can do the more effective your campaign will be. From simple things like gender to more complicated factors like order history and demographics, every human being is a gold mine of information that, if used correctly, can boost the engagement rate of your campaign.

Sometimes, however, it's not just about the information stored in your database; it's also about knowledge and common sense. Let's take the over-50s as an example. This group is often overlooked by marketers, with many believing that it represents a less open and susceptible audience. The truth is that most people in the group are sophisticated shoppers, open to new ideas, who just need to be approached in a different way.

Older people tend to be less impressed by the latest innovative design and printing trends. They will read your mailer if it's engaging, but they don't like to be overwhelmed, which is why a more traditional letter-based format might work best.

Of course data analysis has its place, particularly when segregating the groups you're targeting, but the basics should be something you can figure out for yourself, especially if you don't have as much data as you'd like at your fingertips (Perhaps for a new brand or campaign). In an industry like iGaming, it's also about understanding your customers and the games they choose to play.

Let's take online casino as an example. It's a pretty broad term when you think about it, embracing everything from occasional slot players to hard-core poker fans and, as an expert in your specific sector, you should have a pretty good idea of what will appeal to your customers. You don't need to be an expert of Direct Mail to do this, just share your insight with the marketing team charged with developing the campaign.

All of the most effective DM campaigns combine human input and creativity with the contribution made by technology. So know your brand and your target market before you go to work on the promotional strategy.

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