Land-Based Gaming and Direct Mail

Land-based and eGaming businesses can make effective use of direct mail and should ensure they consider this medium as an integral part of any marketing campaign.

With more and more people telling researchers that they are now more likely to engage with paper-based mail than promotional emails or social media campaigns, there is a clear opportunity for land-based businesses to capitalise on this trend. The trick is to create a concept that works to drive footfall, rather than online play.

Firstly, the campaign needs to be both engaging and fun. For eGaming companies, the aim is to make the recipient deposit or play online, something that can be done almost instantly via a URL or QR code. Land-based companies don't have this luxury, so they need to grab the attention with something quirky or clever, for instance a free play and special offers in the casino.

One channel that is also proving popular with operators is the promotion of mobile apps, these can be combined with direct mail and relate to a specific brand or product. Once a casino has its app installed in someone's phone, it can send offers and promotions to them even if they don't open it. It's even possible to detect when they are close to the casino and send them an offer or promotion to tempt them through the doors.

As with all Direct Mail campaigns, the secret to success is getting the mechanism right. You need to give someone a reason to read the mailer and then take up the call to action. Good design is of course a must, but if the method of enticement or the online element aren't strong enough, you're wasting your time.

Our Secure Direct Mail team are experts in what works and what doesn't for land-based casinos and betting shops as well as online. The right offer will depend on the location, size and target market of the establishment. For example, a large town centre casino might choose to promote a food-based discount or giveaway, rather than focus on gaming, in order to get people through the door.

If you're considering Direct Mail for a land-based gaming business, let the Secure Direct Mail team take a look at it. We will offer a bespoke solution, based on your aims and budget, which covers everything from oversight of design, to distribution, implementation and reporting.

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