Loyalty is All Down on Paper

Daily offer sites such as Groupon and its rivals were the next big thing a few years back, but like all high-profile online trends it soon fizzled out. They're still there and they do ok, but the world has moved on. You see, digital marketing may be king, but it cannot inspire old-fashioned customer loyalty and, as we all know, in the iGaming world it's far more cost-effective to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.

When it comes to winning the war against inactive and disappearing customers, Direct Mail is your secret weapon. The simple act of placing a printed mailer into someone's hand can immediately overcome one of the key challenges faced by an online business, namely that of inspiring loyalty and emotion. Yes, you probably have great cash prizes to give away, but often your digital messages get lost in the crowd.

And therein lies the key to effective use of Direct Mail in the digital age. It's not about usurping digital marketing, far from it. An effective DM campaign will both complement and enhance your online offering, driving customers to your site and inspiring them to either sign up or re-engage. It's simply a question of reaching out with the right message and motivation.

So, how should you focus your spend in order to capitalise on the power of the printed mailer? The first priority should be data analysis and interpretation. Study customer's play history, spending patterns and previous responses to identify those who will respond best to Direct Mail. If you're focus is on reactivation, find the individuals who have already ignored your digital efforts, and target them with a highly personalised, paper-based mailer.

Your brand and your products are key when it comes to re-engaging with customers, so focus on the games they've played in the past and try to either bring them back to the same place, or offer them an alternative that will appeal to them. Make them feel special and inspire emotion, which shouldn't be hard if you have a decent iGaming product.

Secure Direct Mail can help you to plan and implement an effective, engaging and emotive campaign. Call us on 01624 698488 or at securedirectmail@iompost.com.

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