Mail Scams Are Less Common, But They Haven’t Gone Away

I was thinking yesterday that we don't see so much in the media about casino and lottery scam mailers these days. In fact, it's a topic that has largely fallen out of public consciousness. A quick Google News search reminded me that, while it may have declined, it hasn't gone away. So I thought it might be useful to outline why DM campaigns need to be seen as legitimate.

Whether you're in the gaming industry or not, it's impossible for you not to be aware of the issue of gaming scams that came to prominence in the second half of the noughties. Relating primarily to lotteries, but also covering betting and casino brands, these scams took many forms. Most originated from Nigeria and were targeted at pensioners, promising a cash prize in return for an upfront payment.

For a few years, these scams were big news and then they seemed to die off, largely thanks to police efforts and the widespread publicity. Much has also changed in the industry, with online lottery sites entering the mainstream and Direct Mail resurging as a positively perceived promotional channel, but scam mailers have not gone away and it pays to bear this in mind.

So what does this mean for legitimate Direct Mail users? In simple terms, you need make it very clear that your mailer is the genuine article. Ensure that contact details are included on the envelope, keep the offer clear and don't overcomplicate the design or the copy. At the same time, don't make it look cheap or amateurish either.

Gambling scams can come in many different forms and some seek to copy well-known brands. Ensure that there is an advice section on your website that the public can access and give them a simple way to get in touch if they have any doubts over the authenticity of a mailer they've received.

Like promotional legislation and best practice, a lot of this comes down to common sense. It costs very little and does no harm to take a pro-active approach to combatting scammers, whether or not they are using your brand identity. Your customers will thank you and it pays to remember that these fraudsters are always on the lookout for the next opportunity.

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