Making the Most of Direct Mail and Digital

If you read this blog regularly, you already know how digital technology works in partnership with Direct Mail to deliver a seamless experience for the recipient, but what you may not realise is that the transition from mailer to screen is only the beginning. In order to capitalise fully on the potential of modern Direct Mail campaigns, you need to formulate a wider strategy.

Maintaining the attention of your audience begins with the transition itself. URLs and QR codes are all very well, but to Millennials in particular they just feel a bit old hat. New trends such as augmented reality produce a truly interactive link between the screen and the mailer, creating a fun and novel way to drive the customer online. This turns a simple cursory step (ie. Scanning a QR code) into a whole new experience.

Once the customer has made the move online, whether they are interacting with the mailer or simply looking at a website, the next challenge is to maintain their interest. Whatever medium you use, from a simple landing page to an interactive presentation or even a bespoke game, it needs to be both relevant and engaging. Most importantly, don't try to be too clever. If you only have a small budget, go for a really good landing page, rather than trying to do interactive experiences on the cheap.

The next step is closing the deal. For iGaming businesses, this will usually involve the offer and, hopefully, the acceptance of an incentive. This might be a free play, a match bonus, priority play or entry to an exclusive competition. Precisely how you do this will depend on numerous factors, including the status of the customers (Active, Inactive, Signup, etc) and the data you already hold on them.

Data is ultimately the key to any successful Direct Mail campaign and that is no different at the online stage. It's all about using the existing data you hold on the recipient and using your online response method to obtain more. This will not only help you to optimise their online experience, it will also help with the targeting and hook of other campaigns in the future.

No two DM campaigns are ever the same, and technology has opened up many new opportunities, but you need to get the entire flow right and directing the recipient online is only the first challenge. Keeping them there and getting them to sign up or spend is just as important. You can, of course, keep track of anyone who moves online and then disengages, but that's not what we want to happen.

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