Making the Most of Direct Mail's Popularity – Part 3

Only people can make information irresistible....

We know that Direct Mail is now perceived much more positively that it once was, largely because people receive less of it and what they do receive is now more relevant to them, but this doesn't mean you're not still competing for the attention of your target audience.

It's vital that you stand out from the crowd and interacting with your customers in the right way is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. As we covered in Part 2, you need to identify all that is best about the product or service you are promoting, but that on its own will never be enough. You also need to ensure that the culture and brand of your business runs right through the campaign, and the way to do that is to ensure that everyone involved with the product is part of the promotional process, not just the marketing team.

The people who create products tend to live and breathe them, so they will be able to help you communicate what makes them really special. For example, let's say you have a new lottery game that's unique to your site. A huge amount of research goes into identifying what will work and who it should be aimed at, so by involving the people involved in this process, you can ensure that the Direct Mail campaign really sells the product.

This is not just about content either, it's also about delivering on what you promise. For example, your IT team need to ensure that the online response mechanism is both fit for purpose and has the capacity to cope with a sudden surge on the day the mailers drop. You also need to make sure that you have the provision to meet increased demand for whatever you're promoting, as well as the customer service capability to handle problems and follow-ups.

Effective Direct Mail is all about building relationships with your customers, so your campaign will work best if it feels like a lot of effort has been out into it. This isn't just about personalisation, a great tool though that is, it's about getting the message right. You don't need to be too pushy or overly salesy in your approach, so long as you're saying the right things, and your people are the best tool you have to get it right first time.

While this may seem like a slight deviation from the usual list of ingredients for a successful DM campaign, it demonstrates one more way you can work to deliver a successful hit rate and enhanced ROI. To find out how we can support your Direct Mail campaign contact the Secure Direct Mail team on 01624 698488 or at

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