Making the Most of Direct Mail's Popularity – Part 4

To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one....

In this blog, we're going to look at the importance of consistency and variety in your Direct Mail campaigns. This is important because people like to feel appreciated and the occasional promotional mailer will never be enough on its own to retain active players.

Think of it like this... If you have a friend who only contacts you when they want to borrow money, you'll be far less inclined to lend it to them than you might to a friend who keeps in regular contact. It's all about human emotion, namely goodwill and positivity, and learning how to maintain relationships with your customers. If you make them feel loved, they're far more likely to respond when the next big sales push comes around.

This is also where the digital marketing mix comes in. What we're not saying is that you need to send a postal mailer every week. You can mix it up with regular email newsletters, SMS messaging and even social media messages, which can all combine to ensure that your DM campaigns have maximum impact and ROI when you send them. If you only send an occasional mailer, however, it's less likely to generate a response.

So what constitutes the right level of contact? There is no right or wrong answer to this one and it depends largely on the audience you're targeting. If you have active customers who keep coming back, they may require less attention than an occasional player who you want to become more active. This is where player profiling and data mining have a role to play. By analysing the behaviour of each player, you can work out a strategy to effectively engage with them.

This is also where personalisation is a great asset. With the technology available to us now, it's possible to specify the message, the offer, the hook and even the tone of the copy for each individual player. This is particularly useful where different types of player are involved, so you could potentially offer a larger bonus to a high roller than an occasional punter for example. Make your players feel like an indivudal, and they will keep in coming back.

Effective Direct Mail is not only about discovering the tools that modern technology offers us, it's also about using them effectively. To find out how we can help you get it right, contact the Secure Direct Mail team on 01624 698488 or at

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