Not Using Direct Mail? You Could Be Missing Out

So we've already covered in great detail in this blog why Direct Mail remains relevant alongside the digital mix, how it can be delivered cost-effectively and why it's not going anywhere soon. But what we maybe haven't talked about is the simple fact that, cheap and cheerful as it may seem, email just doesn't have the reach of DM. In fact, in some demographic groups, you could be losing out on 80% of your market by relying on email marketing.

Does that surprise you? At first glance maybe, but the figures speak for themselves. Firstly, not everyone has email. While coverage is almost 100% in the younger demographics, it falls to less than 50% of senior citizens. That's already a big chunk of potential customers you could be missing out on.

Secondly, we have the effectiveness of spam filters on modern email packages. Even if your audience is receptive, they may never get to see your emails. I mean, let's be honest, how many of us check our spam on a regular basis? There are, of course, ways to maximise your chances of getting through, but none of them are fool proof and, with most of the tech originating from the USA, you can bet that gambling-related keywords will be in there somewhere.

Finally, there is the issue of opening emails and responding to them. It's estimated that email campaigns have an open rate of 24.45% and a click-through rate of 3.13%. This isn't bad, but Direct Mail can boast an open rate of almost 90%, a 66% interaction rate and a 7% direct response rate. The fact is that 56% of people trust paper-based communication much more than its email equivalent.

So what does this all mean? Should you shut down your email server and go out for some stamps? Of course not. Direct Mail works well because it has found its place as an integral part of the marketing mix, alongside email, social media, advertising and other channels. Do it well and it can be both a worthwhile and cost-effective part of your campaign. Ignore it and you could be missing out.

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