Integrated Approach to the Future of Direct Marketing

Even traditional direct mail is not immune from the march of technology, with ever-improving printing techniques ensuring that clients are always able to innovate and go one better than their previous campaign. Trends for 2014 include scented scratchcards and new reveal methods that will both impress and engross the end user.

While direct mail continues to be a successful promotional channel – growing 3.5% in the UK in 2012 – there is a growing realisation that it needs to be integrated with mobile and online marketing channels in order to remain competitive for the long term. Secure Direct Mail, the specialist communications division of the Isle of Man Post Office, recently enhanced its core offering and, in addition to its tangible direct mail campaigns, it now gives clients the opportunity to combine traditional postal marketing with mobile marketing through its unique acquisition platform.

Developed in conjunction with strategic partner Dev Clever, the mobile product can be tailored to the specific requirements of each client, including a totally bespoke front end. Once the player reaches the registration page (via a QR code or SMS text) from the tangible direct mail item, they complete a simple registration process, which can be done with a Facebook account, the page here has a strong visual appeal and advanced data capture facilities. The product has arrived in time for the 2014 World Cup, which is expected to be a primary focus for betting and gaming-related marketing campaigns this summer.

We have now reached the stage where all marketing activities are defined by technology and the way the target market interacts with it. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity. For people who are used to picking up their smartphone or tablet for all types of activity, the concept of direct mail may seem outdated, but it still has a hugely valuable role to play, provided that the right channels are available for those responding to the call to action.

In simple terms, the success of direct mail campaigns in the future will depend upon the method of response or interaction. While there is still room for return mail or telephone entry, particularly in the older market, people are far more likely to act upon something if they can do so electronically. From simple direct mail scratchcard campaigns to surveys, mobile apps and data collection, it has been shown that the ability to respond across multiple platforms radically increases take-up.

Every company that approaches Secure Direct Mail goes through a detailed consultation process to ensure that its specific requirements are met, with constant support and liaison throughout the process from planning to implementation, evaluation and reporting.

The integrated service pioneered by Secure Direct Mail allows affiliates and operators in the betting and gaming sector to offer targeted, bespoke campaigns that take account of this new approach, without the need to invest in new platforms and custom technology. Essentially it is a bespoke mobile solution, which enables clients to develop targeted campaigns for activation, reactivation or retention of players using both online and offline marketing for a truly integrated approach.

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