New marketing tool will promote IMS further afield

A quirky professional promotional video promoting the services of Integrated Mailing Solutions (IMS), Isle of Man Post Office's specialist communications division, is set to bring a new dimension to the way the services are promoted.

Seeing something first hand is usually more effective than hearing about it and this is the reason behind the introduction of this new marketing tool for the IMS brand. The video gives a brief but very visual representation of the services IMS offers to clients anywhere in the world. The video follows the story of animated character Jeff, the Chief Executive Officer of a successful publishing company.

Tony Randle, General Manager IMS, Isle of Man Post Office said:

"As we grow our international client base, we feel we need to promote the capabilities of IMS in a different way. By embracing the use of social media we aim to reach out to a wider audience to promote ourselves and our products and services. We hope our new video will showcase our business and capabilities with a high impact visual presentation, which will really engage our targeted audience."

Tony added:

"The video will be distributed via online and social media channels and will be used in conjunction with our other marketing supports, such as direct mail literature and adverts. The video combines a mix of animation and real-life footage to demonstrate how IMS offers fully automated and digital services. Clients can send us the data they wish to be printed and despatched by digital means via a totally secure and confidential process and leave our high speed technology to do the rest in the presence of highly trained professionals."

The video was produced by local production company Your Movie Crew. Director Glenn Whorrall said:

"It's great to see such a high-profile division as IMS embracing the power of video as a marketing tool. They had some very specific targets they wanted to hit with the video, but creatively left it very open for us. The animation we produced hits the sweet spot between being both entertaining and informative. We are very happy with the finished production and hope it helps drives IMS forward over the coming years."

Over the last decade, IMS has grown significantly to become a one-stop mailing house using the latest technology to provide a range of services from mail opening, franking, printing, fulfillment, direct mail to data capture and scanning. It is continually broadening its services to keep pace with customer expectations in terms of security, speed and cost.

Tony said:

"Our strategy is to maintain a scalable IT and production infrastructure that can quickly expand to meet customer demand. This will ensure that we build lasting partnerships with our customers, working alongside them to provide innovative and customised solutions to support their future growth. This investment has helped IMS attract prestigious clients in the public and private sector both on and off the Island, confirming our reputation as one of Isle of Man Post Office's most dramatic success stories. We expect this promotional video, which we are delighted with, to further promote the services offered by IMS to clients here on the Island and further afield and promote the Isle of Man as a good place in which to do business."

Keen to watch the video for yourself and learn about IMS? Then please visit our website or  YouTube


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