Transactional Mail in the Modern Business

In today's modernised and digitised world, brands have the ability to interact with consumers in more ways than ever. Direct marketing can include email, television, radio, face-to-face selling and direct or transactional mail.

Transactional mail is widely known as mail that is delivered to a customer after they have purchased an item. There are a multitude of different ways in which you can exploit transactional mail to help your business complete a transaction with a customer or to boost your business reach, including the following:

  • Invoices – This is a more formal version of transactional mail but is still critical to any business. Unlike email invoices, hard-copy invoices clearly state the invoiced amount and having a physical copy delivered in the post is a great way to make customers aware. This impact is important for businesses and cannot be replicated digitally, so emphasises the importance of finding the right mailing house.
  • Debt or Collection Notices - Similar to invoices, this process is helps the business gain the attention of the customer as receiving a demanding letter in the post has a much greater impact than online where it can be 'ignored'. Bakergoodchild found that on average, recipients spend around 2-3 minutes reading a statement received in the post compared to a much lower amount if received electronically. 
  •  Thanking a customer – A simpler example of transactional mail but a very useful one nonetheless. By sending customers a personalised 'thank you', whether for a new order or subscription renewal, this adds a level of personal touch, which the customer will appreciate. Additionally, this can be utilised as an opportunity to encourage customers to use your business again in the future.
  • Account Information – This is when the customer receives a piece of transactional mail to mark that they have made a change to their account, or to notify them if they did not make the change. By sending out a physical letter to the customer, the business will be showing the customer that they treat their information and security seriously.
  • T&Cs changes – When making changes to the terms and conditions of your business, it is important that the customer has been made aware to ensure that they agree. Transactional mail is used to send the updated information to the customer, highlighting any changes and increasing your business' credibility in their eyes.

These are only but a few examples of the different applications of transactional mail and how it can be beneficial to your company, whether you are an individual, charity or business. Aside from the various applications of transactional mail, it important to note that there are a plethora of benefits, which include:

Increased Personalisation – Transactional mail provides the ability to send personalised mail, which is important as it provides a personalised experience for the customer and helps to enhance your relationship. Variable data printing – the process of printing multiple documents all in one print, allows you to print different names, or add different designs, colours and is an extremely valuable tool to ensure your mail is less likely to end up in the bin.

Reduced Costs – Reduce the costs of your marketing by incorporating direct messages into your mailing.

Trust – Studies have found that customers are more inclined to trust printed materials through the post than marketing received through emails or on the internet; for example 56 percent of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.

Multi-Channel Promotion – Transactional mail has the added benefit of being able to promote multi-channel communication through the inclusion of channel information including, information on app downloading to increase customer engagement, phone contact information for follow-ups, links provided for customers to provide feedback/reviews or to social media sites which you can track the data.

If you are a company that is thinking of moving to transactional mail and believe that these benefits could help your business, then it is important to focus on the reasons to outsource this to a mailing company, such as Integrated Mailing Solutions. These can include cost savings such as competitive postage rates, print buying; dedicated experts to provide knowledge; speed as most suppliers have the machinery to perform projects with fast delivery times; and security as important personal data is used when mailing which needs to remain up-to-date and handled correctly. It may be cliché, but mailing companies can provide a one-stop-shop for all of your mail services.

Integrated Mailing Solutions, a division of the Isle of Man Post Office, can supply a full suite of services to support your business with transactional mail. We can format your data to create highly personalised mail, according to your brand guidelines. Throughout this process, you can be assured that your data is secured, thanks to our ISO operating standards. Print: we provide high quality output with fast turnaround times – our high-speed digital printers can print over 15,000 personalised pages per hour. Fulfilment – each of our machines fulfils up to 10,000 envelopes every hour, meaning whatever the scale of your business mail, we can deliver with utmost efficiency. All mail is posted first class and because of our direct access to the global mail stream, we can target specific dates or drip-feed items at a time that suits the customer, ensuring your communication has maximum impact.

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