Isle of Man Post Office Celebrates Six Historical Aviation Milestones Through New Collection of Stamps

To be released on 28th May 2024, Isle of Man Post Office is delighted to issue this collection of stamps highlighting six landmark British aviation anniversaries and milestones celebrated during 2024.

Britain has played a pivotal role in global aviation, marked by many notable achievements and innovations as celebrated throughout this set. Researched and created alongside Brian Riddle, former Chief Librarian of the Royal Aeronautical Society, this collection is comprised of six retro-style posters and advertisements harking back to the golden age of aviation, capturing the historical significance of each milestone. 

100th Anniversary of Imperial Airways: As a pioneer in commercial aviation worldwide, Imperial Airways laid the foundation for modern air travel, connecting distant corners of the globe and ushering in a new era of transportation.

100th Anniversary of the Fleet Air Arm: The Fleet Air Arm has served as an integral part of the Royal Navy, providing aerial support and defence capabilities that have safeguarded maritime interests and national security.

75th Anniversary of the English Electric Canberra: A pioneering aircraft renowned for its versatility and innovation, the English Electric Canberra played a crucial role in military operations and reconnaissance missions.

75th Anniversary of the De Havilland Comet: The world's first commercial jetliner revolutionised air travel with its ground-breaking design and technological advancements, marking a major milestone in the history of aviation. 

75th Anniversary of the Avro Shackleton: A stalwart of maritime patrol and reconnaissance, the Avro Shackleton served with distinction in various roles, demonstrating its reliability and endurance over the decades.

60 Seasons of the Red Arrows: Recognised globally as a symbol of precision and excellence, the Red Arrows aerobatic display team has captivated audiences for six decades with their breath-taking performances. We are delighted to be an official licensed partner of the Red Arrows 60th Diamond Season and look forward to welcoming them to the Island during the annual TT motorcycle racing event in June.

Isle of Man Post Office Stamps and Coins General Manager, Maxine Cannon, comments "Aviation has played a transformative role in shaping our world, and we are delighted to commemorate these significant anniversaries with a captivating stamp issue. We hope this collection will inspire aviation enthusiasts and history fans alike, while also serving as a lasting tribute to the remarkable achievements of the British aircraft industry."

Brian Riddle, Former Chief Librarian, Royal Aeronautical Society, states “Anniversaries offer the opportunity not only to celebrate but also to reflect on the changes / developments / progress that have occurred during that time. During 2024 there are a number of major British aviation anniversaries and the challenge has been to select those which are the most historically significant today. The anniversaries featured in this set of 6 stamps celebrate and capture the progress of British aviation over the decades.”

This collection features six stamps priced at 85p, £1.60 x 2, £2.31 x 2, £2.72, a First Day Cover and a Presentation Pack. Explore the full collection online at

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