Isle of Man Post Office Commemorates The Battle of El Alamein

Date: 8th February 2023

Isle of Man Post Office Commemorates

The Battle of El Alamein


The Set of Five Stamps Honours the Manx Regiment Who Fought in One of the Most Decisive Victories in World War II

Isle of Man Post Office is proud to present this stamp issue commemorating the Battle of El Alamein (23 October - 4 November 1942) and those who bravely fought in it, particularly the Manx Regiment deployed at the time.

The Battle of El Alamein (second battle), which celebrated its 80th anniversary last year, was one of the most significant battles fought in World War II (WWII). It marked the beginning of the end as two of WWII’s best commanders, General Bernard Montgomery for the Allies and General Erwin Rommel for the Axis, led their forces to a 12-day battle that resulted in the Allies' victory and the surrender of the German forces in North Africa in 1943.

IOMPO collaborated with Ivor Ramsden MBE, Director of the Manx Aviation & Military Museum for this collection. Ivor personally and meticulously selected the imagery to summarise the pivotal battle, including the involvement of the Manx Regiment, which were all then compiled and designed locally by Isle of Man Advertising & PR. Stamp 4 depicts members of ‘The Manx Regiment’ (£2.00), along with Sergeant Thomas Douglas Russell of Ramsey, Isle of Man - whose diary is now in the Museum's collection and was used as research and source material for this issue, playing dominoes and smoking "V" cigarettes alongside the Swedish-designed Bofors gun.

Ivor Ramsden MBE, Director of the Manx Aviation and Military Museum said: “I am pleased to have worked on this important collection of stamps covering the Battle of El Alamein, a key turning point of World War II. The stamps tell the tale of this ruthless battle and recognise the involvement of the Manx Regiment during the North Africa Campaign, remembering the efforts and sacrifices of those from Manx shores.”

Isle of Man Stamps and Coins General Manager, Maxine Cannon added: “We are grateful to Ivor and the Manx Aviation and Military Museum, whose expertise and archives are used throughout the collection. This collection is dedicated to all those who sacrificed, fought valiantly and triumphed in what Winston Churchill described as, a ‘glorious and decisive victory.’”

The victory at El Alamein provided much-needed morale boost for the British. It was the first real Allied victory in three long years of war and marked the turning point of the conflict in the west.

The set consists of four individual stamps valued at 80p, £1.51, £1.92, £2.00 and £2.80 and is available as Set, Sheet Set, Presentation Pack (limited 1000), First Day Cover (limited 1500), Booklet Pane and a Prestige Booklet. The full collection can be seen here:

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