Customs Data Required for all Goods Bound for International Destinations from the New Year

Isle of Man Post Office (IOMPO) wishes to advise that from 1st January 2021, there will be changes to the way customers can send goods to international destinations, due to a Universal Postal Union and World Customs Organisation-led initiative to improve security and safety.

All customers sending items containing goods to destinations beyond the UK (including Europe) will be required to provide accurate customs documentation, either electronically or on paper. This is essentially information about the sender, the recipient and the contents of the item being sent, data which will be captured and forwarded electronically to the destination postal administration and their customs officials. In addition to enhancing mail conveyance security and safety, it will also help automate and speed up manual processes, which can enable a more efficient customs clearance process, as well as supporting an effective risk-based customs control.

The digital transmission of this information is called “Electronic Customs Data” (ECD). ECD is a statutory and international requirement applicable to all postal administrations across the globe and it is important to note that some countries are applying penalties, delaying or returning items in the absence of the required data. IOMPO wish to help its valuable customers avoid this situation and is currently working closely with its international postal partner Royal Mail to ensure compliance with the new requirements.

Geoff Rickard, General Manager Mails, of IOMPO said: “It has always been a requirement for customers to complete declaration forms (CN22 and CN23 for mail and CP72 for parcels) for items containing goods destined for countries beyond Europe, but from 1st January 2021 when the UK leaves the EU, declarations will be required for all destinations beyond the UK. Whilst the reason for this is beyond our control, help is on hand at any post office where guidance on how to complete the documentation correctly will be available. This advice is also contained on our website for business and private posters. From the implementation date, any items received by IOMPO without the necessary information may be delayed or returned.”

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