iPhone app now available for ePostbox

Isle of Man Post Office has released its first 'App' for its recently launched digital mail service 'ePostbox.'

The free downloadable App gives ePostbox customers control of their post via their iPhone, allowing them to view their physical scanned mail, delete it, request that it is sent on to them or transfer it to another ePostbox user. The App is designed for ePostbox customers who want to manage their mail on the move, at a time that suits them wherever they are located.

ePostbox was launched as a worldwide service in June and is Isle of Man Post Office's first digital mail service. It's a radical way for customers to receive their mail and is the perfect companion for those people who are on the move all the time such as business travellers, multiple homeowners as well as a very useful and stable service for English-speaking expats wherever they are based in the world. The customer is alerted each time a new piece of mail has been received at their ePostbox address. They are then able to view a scanned image of the front and back of each envelope and can choose from a number of options what they would like to do with it.

Mike Kelly, Chief Executive of Isle of Man Post Office said:

"We have developed the iPhone App to be simple and straightforward so that ePostbox customers who have registered can access their mail quickly and conveniently. It is Isle of Man Post Office's first ever App and we are delighted with the results. The intention is to expand this service to customers using the Blackberry and Android in the near future."

ePostbox customers wishing to download the iPhone App can do so by visiting the iTunes App Store on their iPhone and searching for 'ePostbox.' To use the App, you need to be a registered customer of ePostbox. Registration is available online at www.epostbox.com


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