Converging Technologies Will Deliver Enhanced ROI

According to this article in Direct Marketing, in 2014 US businesses spent $45 billion on Direct Mail and $2 billion on email marketing. That's a pretty wide gap, which is mainly down to print and postage costs, but it also serves to underline the importance of targeting and personalisation to deliver ROI on your Direct Mail campaigns.

2016 is destined to be the year when technology and Direct Mail come together like never before. This process has been gathering momentum for a number of years, influencing content, targeting and interaction, but the ultimate outcome has not yet been achieved. This is when all aspects of the campaign, from identifying recipients to engagement and outcomes became part of one integrated process.

We've already covered in great depth how, contrary to the expectations of some, technology is the saviour of Direct Mail, and not it's enemy. Well it's also true that the more technology has advanced, the more effective and affordable Direct Mail has become. We are now reaching the stage where the various aspects of technology that support DM will become to converge.

Let's take personalisation as an example. Previously we've had technology to target mailing lists and other platforms to deliver bespoke content, all based on our limited knowledge of each customer. Moving forward, we will be able to use technology to analyse each customer in more detail, right down to the automated examination of their social media presence, all within the boundaries of legislation and best practice of course.

So what does this all mean? Well Direct Mail in the future is going to be leaner and meaner. This does not necessarily mean that overall industry spend will go down, but it does suggest that the reach and response rates for each campaign should be significantly enhanced, which can only be good news for the client.

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