Information Overload: How Managed Response Handling Helps Your Business

In this online age, data capture and near instant response times are incredibly important if your company is to attract the market it deserves.

But handling mountains of mail can be overwhelming, even impossible, to deal with in time for you to provide a truly professional service. If you are suffering from information overload, managed response handling can help.

What is managed mail response handling?

No doubt your direct mail campaigns include a call to action, urging some form of response from your readers.

Responses might take the form of filled-in questionnaires, order forms, payments or any other communication returned to you via mail.

Whatever form they take, all responses need opening, reading, understanding and acting upon, fast. But how do you process such a large volume of information once it comes through your mailbox?

External managed response handling professionals can take care of potentially hours, days, weeks, even months' worth of hard work. Through advanced digital technology, they channel the responses you receive to the appropriate places immediately, ready for you to further analyse, market or sell your services or, alternatively, simply to archive digitally.

The latest computerised mailing solutions deal with all your channels of communication and responses are handled so seamlessly and professionally that respondents get the perception that they are dealing directly with your organisation.

The Isle of Man Post Office is able to take this one step further due to their direct access to the mail stream, allowing them to collate responses and then process them all under one roof. This delivers unrivalled efficiencies and cost savings that they pass on to you.

Using managed response handling professionals frees up your valuable time and company resources, enabling your team to focus on other, possibly more lucrative, areas of your business.

How responses are handled

'Managed response handling' provides suitable services, such as Freepost or business reply, for your costumers to send their responses to. Typically this address will deliver responses directly to your processor, enabling them to promptly process the responses.

Digital data processing

Once you've captured the data, you'll need to keep it safe and accessible. Fortunately, the days of document mountains are long gone and there'll be no more rooting through huge filing cabinets to find your valuable data.

Today, paper replies are simply scanned and digitised, so that the information you need can be located easily and within seconds.

Archive scanning enables existing customer information to be stored and accessed immediately.

At the Isle of Man Post Office, scanners can process over 600,000 sheets per day, guaranteeing a rapid turnaround time while still meeting with strict ISO 27001 data security standards. They also have BS10008 accreditation for electronic information management.

This process is a great space and time saver and once complete, arrangements can then be made to destroy the files safely and securely if needs be.

Why managed response and digital storage?

• These advanced, automated services enable you to manage and action vast quantities of data quickly and securely.
• Traditional storage takes space and time while digital storage takes seconds to access and requires no filing cabinets.
• Save money by switching to digital data and response solutions, enabling you to focus on other important areas of your business.
• Digital storage is free of fire and theft risks.
• Their off-site business continuity facility is also ISO 27001 certified so you can rest assured they will continue to deliver their service even if disaster strikes.
• It provides up-to-the minute compliance with data protection/GDPR/privacy laws.

Why IOM Post Office?

• Established since 1973, the IOM PO is a trusted, dynamic and forward-thinking business.
• Their expertise ranges widely from traditional postal services to digital communication services for many sectors, from blue chip companies and government offices to banking, insurance and e-gaming industries.
• Security standards are paramount - they conform to ISO 27001/PCI DSS Level 2/BS10008 data security compliance standards.

You can learn more about Response Handling and Data Capture services here

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